You need to prevent personal injury if you’re on a bike these days.  Car accidents often happen when drivers attempt to maneuver around bikes, and the resulting bicycle accident can lead to major injuries.

With that in mind, authorities are looking for ways to stop personal injury for bicyclists.  According to the Fallbrooke Village News, a big reason for bike crashes is some confusion over which method of transportation has the right of way.  Do you know who gets the right of way: a car or bicycle?

Our Fallbrook personal injury lawyers do, but there is a twist in the explanation.

“Bicyclists are allowed to ride in the center of the lanes just like a motorist would if they are going the speed limit or with the flow of traffic,” said a public information officer who works in Oceanside for the California Highway Patrol (CHP).  “The problem we have is once [cyclists] start to move slower than the normal speed of traffic they are supposed to move as close to the right as they possibly can so vehicles can pass them.”

Drivers must always give room for bicyclist to ride, even if there is no bike lane on the road.  Cyclists are expected to stay to the right of the road at all times, going single file.  The exception to the rule?  When cyclists need to pass-up a slower car, left turn preparation at an intersection, private road or driveway, and roadway conditions change, expect bikes to move over to the left side of the lane.

Our personal injury attorneys know that San Diego is major bicycling city, so the more we know about how to share the roads, the safer we can all be on our many travels.  This can prevent road rage incidents or improper driving that ends up with a trip to the hospital for medical treatment.

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