This year, the spike in product recalls ranged from household products like toys and cleaning supplies, to the very foods and medicines we depend on: cereal, microwave dinners, Tylenols, fast foods at our favorite restaurants, and even hip replacements have all been compromised by product recalls. The list of recalls this year alone has been enough to put any consumer on high alert.

Unfortunately, it isn’t just this year that product recalls have been an issue for Americans. Nearly four years ago, lead found in toys and e. coli on our spinach caused unsettling feelings for many U.S. consumers, and put Chinese-born foods and products on alarm. Today, consumers are vigilant to stay educated and on on-top of product recalls, but even the most discerning consumer can sometimes be at risk for eating or using an unsafe product.

As an example, it wasn’t too long ago that Starbucks issued a pressing recall for its food items sold at their coffee spots nationwide. The culprit? A breakout of Listeria monocytogenes, a harmful bacteria which can be fatal in adults, including children and the elderly. Starbucks rushed to remove all affected products from their shelves, but by the time the recall was disseminated across all Starbucks carrying the food products, the chance for an unsuspecting consumer to have purchased the product could have been very likely.

Of course, the reality of product recalls can be daunting, but before you take drastic measures and stop the use of your favorite products, there is a better alternative to keeping in the know.

According to reports by Forbes magazine, a company specializing in product recall management will now analyze aggregate product recall data for consumer purposes. The data research group will aim to survey trends on an ongoing basis, combining data from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

What can consumers expect as part of the new data research? A lot. The most recent aggregate data indicates a correlation between the recession and “ the volume of goods and services on the market and the likelihood of safety problems.”  As an example, the reports suggest that as a result of our down economy, more undeclared allergens like Salmonella, Botulism and even Listeria as mentioned above have been a cause problem for food recalls this year.

Stay safe, stay in the know

The ongoing reports will help to create a more proactive approach in maintaining the integrity of the products we enjoy every day. As America improves its strive for better products, free from potential personal injury, you can enact yourself as a proactive consumer today. Here’s how.

Stay on top of product recalls with alerts

You can register at for a wealth of information on your favorite products. Most importantly, you can also register your email for alerts when your favorite foods and products are recalled. Why not sign up today to avoid an injury tomorrow?

Consider removing old products from your home

Old products can often prove dangerous since safety regulations have only gotten better over the years. For instance, you may consider putting vintage toys up for display as opposed to allowing your children to play with them since many of old toys may have been made with lead paint, depending on what year the toy was manufactured. In addition, even household items that require electricity can cause fire hazards, or short fusing, resulting in potentially dangerous home environments.

Report unsafe products

If you encounter a product that has injured you in any way, report it immediately. Many products end up being recalled from people just like you who report unsafe conditions. Log onto to report a faulty product  – also, don’t forget to report unusual allergic reactions to cosmetics, foods, and medicines.

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