Many Americans have cell phones they use to communicate with friends or members of their family.  Sometimes, these people use their phones at the wrong time.  For example, phone use while driving is four to eight times more likely to cause a car accident.

If you have doubts, this interactive test will make it obvious to see how likely you are to get into a car accident while using your phone.

Many states already have law banning the use of car accidents, but more states should adopt a law to prevent car accidents.

As car accident lawyers, we know how difficult driving is even if you are paying attention completely to the road.  Because of the possibility of a car accident is always high, we also believe drivers should not make driving harder than it should be by the seemingly harmless task of checking a text message.  It’s no coincidence that distracted drivers are a top cause of car accidents.

No matter how they are caused, car accidents can lead to many different injuries.  Cuts and bruises are likely, but more severe car crashes can result in whiplash or traumatic brain injuries like concussions or subdural hematoma (bleeding in the brain).

Car accidents caused by phone use while driving has prompted many states to adopt an anti-cell phone ban while driving law.  The law applies to 14 states including California and New York.  There has also been pressure put on the other states from the U.S. Department of Transportation who has threatened to withhold transportation funding if a law is not passed.

States should be more willing to pass this legislation because it could result in fewer car accidents leading to injury or wrongful death.  As car accident lawyers, we believe laws like this that prevent car accidents should be passed so that people will not take the unneccesary risk of getting into a car crash because of a text message.

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