Each month, dozens of products are recalled due to potential health, personal injury and safety risks. Everything from children’s toys to home furnishings to maintenance equipment makes the list, so remember to check out the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s recall warnings and updates before making a significant purchase for your home. And, for the sake of safety, check the site regularly for recall updates.

Here is a round-up of this month’s most dangerous and notable product recalls made within the U.S.:

Carabiners recalled due to injury risk

Hikers and rock climbers, beware. While you’re climbing the most challenging peak, the last thing you want to hear is a recall on your rock climbing gear. CAMP USA Inc. voluntarily recalled about 15,500 Photon carabiners and Photon and Mach Express quickdraws because the carabiner gate can open under heavy weight, causing a risk of serious injury or death for climbers.

Infant bed-side sleepers recalled due to entrapment, suffocation risk

Arm’s Reach Concepts Inc. recalled 76,000 bedside infant sleepers due to suffocation risk. When the fabric liner inside the sleeper is not used correctly or fastened securely, infants can fall from the raised mattress portion of the sleeper and onto the loose fabric, or even become trapped between the side of the sleeper and the edge of the matters. Both scenarios pose a severe suffocation and fall risk, including risk of catastrophic injury and wrongful death.

Pacifiers recalled due to choking hazard

New parents, take note: Pampers Natural Stages pacifiers by Key Baby recalled around 29,000 infant ortho and bulb-style pacifiers due to failure to meet federal safety standards for choking risk.

Toy recalled due to choking hazard

San Diego-based Infantino LLC voluntarily recalled 40,500 Troy the Activity Truck toys because the plastic beads on the product can detach, posing a potentially deadly choking hazard to young children.

Hot chocolate pots recalled due to burn hazard

Cooks and bakers, take note – you may not be safe in the kitchen: High-end kitchen and home-ware retailer Williams-Sonoma recalled 28,000 hot chocolate pots due to a flaw in the pot’s handle that can cause it to break off during use and cause personal injury including burns or lacerations.

Exercise equipment recalled due to personal injury hazard

Rogue Fitness recalled 5,500 barbell brackets. The weld that holds the barbell bracket in place on the weightlifting rack is faulty and can break, posing serious injury risk to consumers.

Girl’s clothing recalled due to lead exposure risk

The young women’s clothing label My Michelle recalled 90,000 girl’s tops that pose lead exposure and/or consumption risk to consumers due to the high lead content of jewelry and decorative trim attached to the garments.

Disney toy recalled due to laceration hazard

Kiddieland Toys Ltd recalled 9,000 Disney Princess plastic racing trikes because the plastic castle and princess display protruding from the top of the handlebar may pose a significant laceration hazard if fallen upon.

Wooden stools recalled due to fall hazard

Don’t use your step stool until you read this. Heartland America recalled 5,850 wooden stools due to weaknesses in the legs and seats of the products that can cause the stool to crack and break, resulting in possible injury to the consumer.

Hair mousse foam recalled due to risk of rupture

Redken 5th Avenue of New York recalled nearly 1 million cans of spray mousse foam due to the liner inside the can, which can corrode over time and cause the container to rupture and expel its contents, causing a potential risk for catastrophic injury, lacerations, or possible chemical burns.