In the moments immediately after a vehicle accident, it’s not easy to figure out what to do next. In fact, it can be completely overwhelming for someone who is trying to determine whether or not they have sustained serious injuries. After a car accident, however, there are four big reasons why you need to consider collecting evidence right away.

Refresh Your Memory

While in the moments after the accident you may be able to remember what has happened, the adrenaline and the winding down the accident itself can make it harder to recall later on. You may need to reflect back on pictures and videos from the scene of the accident in order to ensure that you have the most accurate information.

Share with the Insurance Company

The insurance company may want to receive copies of your evidence after a car accident so that they can include it in their own investigation. Keep the originals with you, but consider adding the files digitally so your insurance company can have a look as well.

Share with Your Lawyer

Your attorney may be able to help reconstruct the scene of the accident or use the evidence you collected in order to represent you in settlement negotiations or in court. As is mentioned above, the details may become fuzzy to you, so it’s always good to have another person involved in the process by sharing the evidence with your lawyer. There are many things to be concerned about after a car accident, but sharing the evidence with your lawyer can help you recall things and determine your next steps, too.

Gathering evidence is much easier in the age of smartphones. Once you have ensured that everyone is out of the way of traffic and that you have called the authorities, you need to collect evidence and keep a copy somewhere else in order to protect yourself.