Unfortunately, far too many animals on the road could cause you to slow down or suddenly swerve. The months between September and November may have a higher spike of animal collisions as well and the vast majority of accidents involving striking an animal are not reported.

Striking an animal can cause numerous problems for the drivers of vehicles around the car that ultimately hits the animal and it can also lead to follow up accidents because of roadkill and other debris in the roadway. These can lead to catastrophic injuries in rural areas but even in city locations where an animal has, for some reason or another, found their way onto the roadway.

Far too many accidents like this can be prevented. The fall and winter times are the most likely times for a wildlife accident to occur. If any creature does come onto a roadway while you’re driving, try not to slam on your brakes as this could cause a rear end accident. Try steering to avoid the animal or slowing down.

Dimming your headlights so that the animal is not disoriented and blinded can also reduce your chances of an accident. This may enable the animal to see more effectively to get off the roadway. Many deer tend to travel together so bear in mind that seeing one does not mean that you’re entirely clear after than one animal has left the area. If the accident causes severe problems or injuries, you may need to consult with a lawyer if any other person was hurt in the accident. This could lead to a personal injury claim.