Any adverse weather condition can put you at higher risk of being involved in a significant vehicle accident. Unfortunately, when rain begins pelting down you may have little opportunity to get off the road or to make it to your destination. This means you need to be prepared for how to avoid a car accident in the rain. Unfortunately, inclement weather is an all too common cause of vehicle accidents in San Diego. An accident in the rain can come with devastating consequences and injuries.

What is more frustrating about these situations is that the vast majority of them could be avoided if drivers exercised additional care. Read on to learn more about some of the tips you should employ when driving in heavy wind or rainy conditions, so as to avoid a car accident in the rain. There are numerous different hazards that can contribute to a higher risk of an accident when it is raining. The risk of hydroplaning and poor visibility are some of the most common. It is more difficult for your tires to grip the pavement and your brakes may not be prepared to react quickly enough.

One of the most important things you can do to avoid a car accident in the rain is to avoid hydroplaning and take you time. It is not worth rushing to get to your destination because this could leave you on the side of the road suffering from an accident. Make sure to turn on your headlights to increase your visibility and make you more easy to spot from another driver’s perspective as well. Whatever space you might typically give between you and another driver, it’s a good idea to increase this by at least a couple of seconds stopping time. The risk of hydroplaning in slick road conditions make it more likely that another driver could slam into you or that you could rear end somebody else. Make sure you keep your hands on the wheel when it is raining as well. This is true for driving in general, but it becomes especially important in adverse weather conditions.