Almost ten years has passed since the biggest tire recall in the United States.  In 2000, the Firestone Corporation recalled their entire model ATX/Wilderness line.  The recall was a big wake up call to rubber manufacturers and it outlined the dangers of drivers who use older tires.

Safety Research and Strategies (SRS) is a consumer advocacy group that has urged the NHTSA to warn consumers of the possibilities of car accidents caused by tire failure.  The group cited 159 incidents of tire failure causing 128 wrongful deaths and numerous injuries.

Our product liability attorneys feel it is part of their job to remind you that car accidents caused by tire blowouts happen more often than people think.

Tire manufacturers know tires have a shelf life.  The natural rubber deteriorates over time because it interacts with oxygen and ozone.  The age of the tire can be found by checking the Department of Transportation code on the tire side wall.  The date and year are the last four digits of that number.

The Firestone disaster led to new regulations like the Tire Recall Enforcement, Accountability and Documentation (TREAD) Act.  New studies were also conducted and different companies recommended their own shelf lives: Ford recommended every six years and Bridgestone-Firestone noted tires should be removed after ten.

Last year, a special investigation was launched by ABC’s 20/20 program that goes into detail about the situation for car consumers.

Our firm’s product liability attorneys agree with regulation that puts safer cars on the road.  The tire is always the first part of your car on the road and a proper set of wheels provide drivers with the surest way to make sure your driving experience is a safe one.  Add that to your safety checklist, along with the best car insurance policy that you can find.

The next time you check your car, make sure you feel confident with your rubber.

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