Recently, there has been increasing concern over the increase in auto accidents after the opening of a toll road on Interstate 91 in Southern California.  According to the NHTSA, the purpose of toll roads is to assist in the payment of road construction as well as to help reduce traffic congestion on busy roads and freeways.

However, recent studies have shown that toll roads may actually lead to an increase in the number of auto accident occurrences.  Since the opening of the toll road on Interstate 91, the number of injury-related auto accidents has increased by 124%.

Our car accident attorneys encourage exercising extreme caution around toll roads and to be always on the lookout for careless drivers to prevent an auto crash.  Be sure to always take extra care and be aware of the actions of other drivers when approaching a toll road — just like anything on the road, toll booths can set you up to become a distracted driver.

The majority of the auto accidents that occur around and on toll roads occur as a result of increased merging near toll roads and booths, specifically delayed lane changes.  Always pay attention when you merge into toll roads or highway lanes.  Be patient.  Rushing into a merging situation can easily result in a fender-bender that can cause serious injuries, ones that require extensive medical treatment.

Experts estimate that annual safety costs due to the increased number of auto accidents near toll roads cost approximately $45.7 million per year.  One possible solution that Caltrans executives are looking into is to widen the Interstate near toll roads and providing longer entrance and exit ramps to and from toll booths.

Safety experts recommend merging into the toll lane well in advance of approaching the toll booth as a means of reducing the likelihood of becoming involved in an auto accident.  The State of California Department of Transportation also offers pre-paid toll road passes to California drivers who tend to travel on toll roads frequently.

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