All too often, we read headlines of recalled toys, medicine, food, vehicles, and more. Now, you can be a proactive consumer and stay in the know. Hand-plucked as some of the best iPhone product recall apps, download these useful tools now to avoid personal injury later.

Auto Recalls by Appsolute Creations

This useful app is so powerful it can even save your life – literally. Toyota alone recalled over 9 million vehicles worldwide, but hundreds of thousands of these vehicles still remain on the road, due in part to secondary ownership and a lack of knowledge.

After you register your vehicle with the Auto Recalls app, you will receive notifications of any recall, past and present, including the ability to track service logs.

Toy Hazard Recalls by CXI Gaming

This app is a necessity for all parents and guardians. We’ve seen countless news reports on faulty toys and product recalls for contaminated children products ranging from lead to food-borne bacteria. Simply find your child’s toys using the Toy Hazard Recalls app to register for any recalls surrounding the product.

Any current recalls are immediately posted, and you can even set your app to alert you when new toy recalls are issued.

All Recalls by Urban Apps

If you’re a safety nut, this app is for you. With the All Recalls app, you can stay informed of any and all product recalls – what’s more, this app also gives consumers pictures so you can be certain the product is the same as yours at home.

This app also allows consumers to keep tabs on incoming recalls from five U.S. government agencies, including historical data ranging back until 1969 to present day.

More info on staying in the know

Product recalls affect hundreds of thousands of people worldwide – from faulty vehicles to contaminated food products, recalls are issued every day, whether voluntary or mandated. To avoid personal injury, and even wrongful death, take a moment to be proactive about product recalls.

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