A San Diego car crash can have negative implications for many aspects of your life: your insurance premiums, your medical bills, your vehicle damage, and your own injuries. The more that you can do to prevent an accident, the better off you’ll be. What follows are five key tips you can use anytime you drive to avoid a San Diego car crash and some of all of the above-listed ramifications.

Tip #1: Be Aware of Your Blind Spots 

Whenever you have a new vehicle, make sure you figure out the blind spots as soon as possible. Every vehicle has them, but being conscious of how to check before merging or changing lanes could save your life by preventing a San Diego car crash. While your mirrors are a great tool for helping to prevent crashes, you should also look out of your vehicle’s windows as well to be sure that your mirrors are accurately reflecting the road around you.

Tip #2: Stay Out of the Fast Lane

It’s tempting to think you’re going to get to your destination more quickly by taking the fast lane, but you can actually put yourself at higher risk of an accident weaving in and out of traffic using this lane. Another big benefit of driving in the slower lane is that you have more exit opportunities if something like an accident or construction causes you to react quickly.

Tip #3: Keep Your Car in Good Condition

You can often tell a lot about a driver by the shape of his or her car. By keeping your car in good condition yourself, you prevent mechanical breakdowns that can be the cause of San Diego car crash. Overlooking small details like getting your tires rotated could put you at greater risk of an accident. While it goes without saying that regular maintenance is helpful, you should also reach out to your mechanic if you suspect that something new is happening, too. Strange sounds, smells, or leaks should always be looked at by an expert.

Tip #4: Drive During the Day When You Can 

Although some night driving is unavoidable, the more you can make the commitment to getting things done during the day, the less exposed you are to risk. A lot of car accidents happen at night, when you have less visibility anyways. You’re less likely to be tired during the day, too, so it’s a good time overall to get your errands done.

Tip #5: Keep Both Hands on the Wheel

It sounds like tired driver’s ed advice, but it works: keeping both hands on the wheel in the proper position allows you to react more quickly in the event of an emergency. Don’t believe that your car’s alignment will prevent you from being injured in an accident; you need to have both your hands on the wheel to have the best possible response to the situation.