Distracted driving receives a lot of press because it is an extremely prevalent behavior across many different age groups. Although teenagers are frequently pointed out as being more at risk of a serious accident in terms of drowsy driving or distracted driving, all age categories outside of senior citizens admit to regularly driving distracted. There are two major causation categories for vehicle accidents. The first is known as driver error. The second can be a vehicle or other malfunction. The biggest driver error category, by far, is distraction. This means that the driver is trying to accomplish too many things at once. Hundreds of thousands of individuals in the United States are hurt every single year in vehicle accidents with distracted drivers and the numbers only continue to rise. The most common causes of distracted driving have to do with devices in the car. This includes:

  • Texting and talking
  • GPS
  • Adjusting music or other controls
  • Talking to passengers
  • Not looking at the road
  • Handling pets or children
  • Zoning out

This is not an exhaustive live of the top causes of distracted driving, but it’s a window into how many people are not paying attention when behind the wheel. Sadly, most people doing this behavior on a regular basis don’t realize the cost until it’s too late.

None of these are acceptable when it comes to operating a vehicle safely and losing your focus for just a couple of seconds while traveling at 55 mph is the equivalent of driving across a football field without paying attention. If you have been involved in an accident that you believe was tied to distracted driving, you need an attorney who has handled cases like this before and can help you successfully navigate the complex legal system in California. There’s a lot on the line for your future when it comes to distracted driving claim. You need someone who will investigate the situation as soon as possible to determine all liable parties.