In the wake of one Toyota recall involving faulty parts that has caused several car accidents, the last thing Toyota needed was to have to issue another recall.

Unfortunately, when it rains, it pours.

On Tuesday, Toyota recalled the Prius hybrid to correct a defective braking system, which may lead to car accidents and cause personal injury.  This time, the popular Toyota Prius hybrid has been recalled due to problems with the in the brake system.  About 133,000 Prius cars as well as another 14,500 Lexus HS250h vehicles were recalled because according to Toyota officials and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a glitch in the Prius antilock brake system software could lower braking force when drivers traveled across bumpy roads or at low speeds.

Our car accident lawyers know this is a difficult time for the Toyota Motor Corporation as well as owners of Toyota cars.  Both of these recalls have no doubt may have decreased the level of consumer confidence in Toyota products, but at least these recalls show Toyota noticed the problem and is doing something to fix it.  Defective products are found in many consumer items every day, but some defective products cause more harm than others.  In automobiles, for example, the smallest defect can cause a car accident that leads to serious personal injuries or wrongful death.

About 200 complaints in Japan and the U.S. were made by owners who say there is a delay in the brakes when the Prius is driven in cold conditions and on some bumpy surfaces.  The company says the problem can be fixed with a quick upgrade in the antilock brake system’s software.  Prius repairs will start in Japan on Wednesday, and U.S. owners will be getting their recall letters next week.

Toyota will also be issuing a voluntary recall of about 7,300 four-cylinder Camry sedans made early in 2010 because of a potential brake fluid leak.  A power steering hose that may come into contact with the brake tube causing the leak increasing the time it takes to stop the car.  Owners will get these letters in mid-February.

With the number of recalled Toyota models over eight million, our car accident attorneys are wondering what everyone else is thinking.  With all of these recalls being made, which automaker will Americans lead more towards in the future: Ford, Honda or possibly General Motors?

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Would you consider buying a Toyota again?  If not, what would it take for you to change your mind in the future?