Even though steps have been taken to ensure more safety in the products that children interact with, as products liability attorneys, we firmly believe that parents should continue to take their own precautions to keep their children safe from children’s injuries from defective products.

In 2008, the Consumer Product Safety Act was passed in response to the millions of toy recalls that caused personal injuries in products liability lawsuits.  The guidelines did not just apply to toys but to all products: cribs, clothes, books and accessories.

Advocates say the legislation is a step in the right direction, but parents should remain mindful about the products that are for their children.  Our San Diego personal injury attorneys know that parents should also monitor how their children use these products to prevent children’s injuries from occurring.

For example, the Consumer Product Safety Commission told manufactures they did not have to start certifying their product’s lead levels through third-party testing until August, which is past the original deadline.  Lead poisoning continues to be one of the leading illnesses in children, and companies should abide by the deadline to prevent this and other personal injuries.

New federal standards will go into effect later this year to prevent children’s personal injuries.  Some of those new regulations include not allowing retailers to sell products in their inventory (even products made before February 10) that do not comply with the lead standards and requiring warnings on toys with magnets.

The personal injury attorneys at our San Diego firm know the importance to keep children safe while they have fun continues to be the first responsibility of any parent.  New regulation does aid in keeping harmful products off store shelves, but when those regulations fail and your child is injured from a product, we recommend hiring an experienced products liability attorney.

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