Toys “R” Us Incorporated—the big toy retailer—stopped ordering drop-side cribs after concerns regarding product liability and the overall safety of the product.

Our firm’s personal injury attorney in San Diego believe that this is a smart move on the part of the retailer, because defective products can lead to products liability and cause personal injury to consumers.  This is especially dangerous when young children are put at risk for personal injury.

“There are enough concerns raised about drop-side cribs that we’re moving forward and we’re going to phase them out,” the company’s Chairmen and Chief Executive, when discussed personal injury responsibility.

On April 22, 2009, federal regulators are going to push a set stronger set of standards for child’s cribs.  Toys “R” Us’ decision comes in the wake of a series of recalls for cribs that were regarded as a product liability.  In the meantime, what answers are there for consumers who are worried that the cribs they buy for their infants may be putting their children at risk for personal injury?

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is meeting with consumer advocates, crib makers and other industry stakeholders to ensure that the government cracks down on product liability involving children’s cribs.

Our San Diego personal injury attorneys approve of the efforts of all the men and women working to take defective products off the market so that children can play with safe toys and not end up in the emergency room for medical treatment due to a harmful play object.

It takes a village to raise a child and in this case, it takes a group of concerned advocates to make sure a dangerous toy does not get in the way of child’s comfort and security.

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