A method to keep drivers from running red lights is the instillation of cameras inside of traffic lights.  The camera automatically takes pictures of cars that run red lights, forwarding the picture to police.  However, one unforeseen negative result of the red light cameras is the potential for rear-end car accidents caused by drivers who do not want to get caught.

As car accident attorneys, we believe that drivers should always follow the rules of the road before car accidents happen.  Many times, drivers rush through yellow lights hoping to get across the intersection before the light turns red.

Running red lights can cause car accidents because all drivers may not be paying attention to the road.  Car accidents can cause personal injury like whiplash or spinal cord injury.  Severe car accidents can also cause wrongful death.

On June 3, 2009, a rear-end car accident in Victorville, California was caused by a driver who panicked at a yellow light and slammed on the brakes.  A second driver stopped in time, but a third driver did not and slammed into the second car which hit the first.

“When they realize the camera is there, they jam their brakes,” one Victorville resident said.

Is making a light really that important to drivers?  Is it not worth it to wait for the next green light when you will be more likely to get through safely?  As car accident lawyers, we urge all drivers to obey safe driving practices when behind the wheel.  This means driving at safe speeds and obeying stop signs and traffic lights, along with finding the best car insurance policy available for your vehicle.

When did drivers forget what their parents taught them?  Green means go.  Yellow does not mean go faster.

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