A sudden backward or forwards movement of your head after a fall or an accident is known as whiplash. Being diagnosed with whiplash could mean that you can be experiencing joint dysfunction as well as postural abnormalities. Many individuals who have suffered the impacts of whiplash might not even realize it immediately after a San Diego car accident.

Some people might not even seek medical attention, believing that they can go back to work or go exercise and strengthen their muscles. When you’re starting to give whiplash injuries in your back the appropriate attention after you have been hurt, stiffness and pain can lead to further limited motion and changes in your posture as well as muscle tension and headaches.

Over time these problems can contribute to nerve pain, hypolordosis, instability and arthritis. A recent study from the George Institute in Australia discovered that car accident victims recover very quickly during the first three months after an incident. After this period, however, recovery is much slower and more limited, which highlights the importance of getting appropriate treatment as soon as possible after an accident.

If your vehicle, which is 30,000 pounds of steel, indicates damage then you need to be aware of the potential soft tissue damage that you are withstanding as well. You are belted across your chest but your head can easily fling forwards as well as backwards during an accident. The impacts of a San Diego car accident may not present as whiplash until hours or even days after the accident has already happened. You might be willing to go get your vehicle fixed as soon as possible after an accident but you should also treat your head and neck injuries the same way by getting medical attention as soon as possible.