Hundreds of semi truck and bus companies have been ordered to shut down because of federal safety violations, ranging from driving with suspended licenses to driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs.

Not only do bus crashes and semi truck accidents have the potential to kill or injure passengers, but other innocent drivers can get injured.As semi truck accident attorneys, we have seen all too often wrongful deaths and injuries of innocent individuals as a result of the gross negligence (irresponsibility) of a company — whether it was a failure to properly check for the safety of their automobiles or failing to test their drivers for drug and alcohol abuse.

These auto accidents are highly preventable.  A simple inspection could have saved many lives.

The study by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) comes a year after an unlicensed bus, carrying a Vietnamese-American Catholic group, blew a retreaded tire installed on a steering axle and skidded off a Texas highway, killing 17 people in one of the nation’s deadliest bus crashes.  While tire blowouts are a major cause of semi truck accidents, the use of recapped tires on the steering wheels is a violation of federal regulations.

The GAO report found that at least 20 of the roughly 220 commercial bus companies — that were fined and ordered out of service in 2007 and 2008 by federal regulators — evaded regulators by setting up shop under a new name, the same tactic used by the bus operator in the Texas bus crash.

The violators owe tens of thousands of dollars in delinquent fines and are charged with scores of violations, ranging from operating without the proper license to failing to test drivers for illegal drugs and drunk driving.  Another 1,073 commercial trucking firms are also believed to be possible “reincarnations” after incurring fines and violations, often using the same address, owner name, employees and contact numbers.

The fact that these bus and semi truck companies continue to be in business despite numerous violations and fines is disheartening not only to all who use the public-transit system but for all drivers on America’s roadways.

As semi truck accident attorneys, we believe that if you or a loved one suffer a personal injury or even wrongful death due to the a semi truck company’s failure to properly inspect their vehicles, then it is possible that the company could be held responsible for any pain and suffering you endure, as well as helping you pay your medical bills for the injury.

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