Car accidents are all too common across San Diego and the surrounding areas but vehicle collisions do not involve cars alone. In fact, major trucks in the form of 18-wheelers and big rigs can become involved in devastating multiple car pile ups. If a truck driver causes an accident, this could become a personal injury claim.

This can be even more problematic if the driver of the truck is drinking and driving, speeding, breaking other road rules, drowsy or otherwise impaired. In trucking accident cases more than one individual or entity may be held liable in a court of law.

This is because the trucking company may have some responsibility for how the truck driver was trained or for other circumstances that contributed to the accident. In the event that a defective truck part was also involved, your personal injury claim in San Diego may involve an allegation against the truck driver, the trucking company, and the defective part manufacturer. Since these issues can be extremely complex, you should never engage in a personal injury case without first consulting with an experienced attorney.