A recent crash in the San Diego area unfortunately led to fatalities for two of the accident victims. two women, who were also sisters and from the Chula Vista area were killed in an accident on November 27th as they were headed southbound on I-805 in national city. The two sisters were spotted hugging in the moments after their car began to spin out in the San Diego area.

The accident happened as rain fell around 1.30am on the road and it is likely that the slick conditions contributed to their accident cause. According to the California Highway Patrol, the two sisters were together in a truck when the slippery roads under the vehicle caused them to spin out and hit a center divide.

The wome’s truck hit the median and this led to their car stalling out in the fast lane. The women were able to get out of the car just as another vehicle drove up behind them and then accidentally hit the truck and the accident victims.

Both women passed away at the scene of the car crash. In order to avoid accidents while you are driving on slick roadways, make sure to use your lights and proceed cautiously. Going over the speed limit can be especially dangerous on slick roadways and should be avoided at all times. Make sure to check the weather before heading out so you can avoid unnecessary trips that might put you in harm’s way.