Most people believe to some extent that car salesman use tactics on the potential automobile buyers to increase the profits of the car dealership (especially with used cars).  Many of these people walk into a car dealership feeling prepared to not get affected by these tactics.  The problem is, most people are unaware of the tactics, and are therefore unable to adequately prepare themselves.  Our auto accident lawyers best interests are with the automobile buyer.

Nobody wants to buy a vehicle that is going to cost them money because it has property damage already done to it or will likely cause a personal injury.  Here are some undercover facts about what you should know before you go to the dealership:

We all need to be aware of getting dupped, but it is especially important when buying a new or used car, because there could be design defects associated with the vehicle that you are about to buy.

Some car salesmen will try to present themselves as your friend, and get you to think that only the company superiors are setting the high prices and trying to get you to pay a higher price.  In fact, many car salesmen are paid by the number of cars they sell (commissions), so they might want to keep the price as high as possible. The car salesmen do things like call their supervisor and after getting off the phone, say to the customer, “Wow!  The company’s always trying to set such high prices!”  The salesmen will shake their heads and say things like, “but I will let you in on a little deal!  This is how low I can try to get your price.  That’s the lowest my supervisor has said I can give you.”

Then, at some point, the supervisor will come in, and pretend to be disappointed with the car salesman and say to the salesman, “with those prices, (name of salesman), you are going to bring the car dealership down.”  Then, at that point, the customer will feel like the salesman is on the side of the car buyers, and it is hard to believe otherwise with the little stage act.  Once the salesman says he will break company rules and he will take away from some of their own profit to sell the customer the car, the customer will sometimes agree on what they believe is “a good deal on the car.”

When you keep these things in mind, you will be able to resist against these tactics, and not fall for a bad deal on the car.  Just remember that the car salesman is on the same side as his supervisor.  He does not really want to help you, but rather, still wants to sell you the car at the highest price.  All the stage acts are faked, no matter how realistic they may seem.  Oh, and remember, the sticker prices on the car are always set much higher than they should be, so that after negotiations and haggling, the price will come down to what the auto dealership really wanted in the first place.

Our car accident attorneys want to help the car buyers and here we also reveal a few tricks the customer could use against the car dealership, you know, turning the tables around to the buyer’s advantage.  The first and probably most effective trick is to ask a friend to call you at a certain time, when you know you’re in the car dealership office.  Then, your side of the fake conversation should be like this, “Excuse me, who is this again? … Oh, Toyota (or whatever is not the dealership you are in at the moment)……yes, yes, I remember our appointment….. I will be there in about half an hour … I think we are about done here … okay …okay … Thanks!   Bye.”

When the salesman hears this, he might be concerned that he is about to lose a potential customer.  So will the supervisor.

Rumors have it that car dealership offices are all bugged (listening devices).  Well, some of the rumors are true.  Many car dealership offices may have telephones that could easily be bugged through the telephone system.

At this point, the salesman will do anything to try to keep the customer in the car dealership office.  Even if he does not, the supervisor may tell the salesman to drastically lower the prices.  This, in turn, works in favor of the customer.  One more tactic you can do is actually make it more dramatic in your stage act.  Decide to actually walk out the dealership.  The salesman will probably walk you to the door, and try to get you to stay with much better deals.

So now you know some of the tricks that car dealerships use on potential car customers.  And you now also know how to counter them with your own tactics.  And do not be afraid to use them.

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