Unemployment rates have been rising steadily in the last year.  In California, the unemployment rate has risen to just over 11 percent.  A new study has linked unemployment to illnesses and those illnesses can lead to personal injury and higher medical bills.

A researcher at the Harvard School of Public Health analyzed detailed employment and health data from over 8,100 surveyed in 1999, 2001 and 2003 by the Panel Study of Income Dynamics at the University of Michigan.

Our firm’s personal injury attorneys in San Diego know the state of the economy has people panicked.  Those that are unemployed can develop levels of higher stress, and that stress can lead to high blood pressure or more serious personal injury conditions such as diabetes or heart disease.

Unemployed people have a harder time getting medical treatment because of the high costs of medical bills, and that stress can lead to fatal conditions.  If you suffer from a personal injury, you may be confused as to how to get treatment.  Our personal injury lawyers have a helpful medical treatment resource page that may ease the stress of trying to get treatment for your injuries.

Relaxing may be hard to do for the unemployed because of the amount of pressure they are on to pay mortgages and bills.  High blood pressure can lead to heart attacks or strokes.  However, as personal injury attorneys that handle car accidents, we are concerned if an unemployed person with high blood pressure suffers a heart attack while on a road or highway?

Because there would likely be no time to take any car evasive maneuvers, just about anything can happen in this uncontrolled car accident.  The heart attack can lead to a driver losing control of his vehicle and cause a car accident.

According to the personal injury prevention study, 6 percent of people with steady jobs developed a new personal injury condition during each survey period of about a year and a half compared with 10 percent of those who lost a job in the same period.

Our personal injury lawyers in San Diego urge people to take care of themselves before tragedies like car accidents happen.  We know the rate of employment has Americans worried, but if what this study says is true, worrying about it could only make a bad situation worse.

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