Being involved in an accident with any driver is an unnerving and overwhelming experience, especially if you have sustained severe injuries or lost a loved one in the accident. According to research from the California Department of Transportation, one element that increases the complexity of vehicle accidents is drivers who are uninsured. Approximately one out of every several drivers across the Golden State is uninsured.

This means that you have a decent chance of being involved in an accident with someone who does not have appropriate insurance. You need to be prepared to know what to do and how to protect yourself after the crash.

The first thing to do is to contact the police and get medical help for anyone who is critically injured. This is extremely important if you are involved in a crash with an uninsured driver. This can have a big impact on any insurance claims or lawsuits. You’ll also want to trade information with the other driver about their car and their personal contact information.

Pictures of the vehicle damage, the crash location, skid marks and any other details from the scene that may be relevant are important, and you’ll want to contact your own insurance company to notify them about the crash. If you purchased uninsured motorist coverage, you may have the additional protection afforded to you. California law, however, does not require that individuals carry this coverage, so you’ll need to look specifically into your policy details to find out if you are recovered. If you do have uninsured motorists’ coverage, this does not always mean that the insurance company will agree to your claims, or that it will cover the severity of your damage. You may need to file a personal injury case with the help of an experienced lawyer.