A convenient service for people who do not own their own cars is to lease one.  Enterprise provides rentals at an hourly fee, but you have to ask yourself where this car has been?  Is your rental car accident prone?

Zipcar, a company based in Massachusetts, has been offering cars such as Mini Coopers and Toyota Priuses at affordable prices to consumers.  Zipcar is expanding their service to companies, but are car accidents likely from the amount of use of the car by many people?

Our car accident attorneys believe this service is necessary for people who want to drive a car for a couple of hours and not an entire day.  The prices for this service can attract more people to get on the roads who need to.  However, with the amount of usage, can car accidents become more likely due to the wear and tear on parts, like tire blowouts?

The Massachusetts-based company rents cars at an hourly rate of around $6 to $10, including the cost of automobile gas, insurance and maintenance.  Companies like Twitter and Google have used this service along with other companies whose employees do not have cars.

With the cost of automobiles as high as they are, renting a car can become a convenient alternative.  However, the high amount of use for each car can result in automobile accidents that lead to the personal injury.

Our car accident attorneys understand the convenience of renting a car.  Not everyone can purchase a car, and renting a car can help a person get from point A to point B.  However, we should make the point that renting a car can lead to auto accidents because of the driver that previously used it so make sure that you get the best car insurance policy available.

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