No one expects to find themselves in the midst of a serious vehicle accident and there are many different implications that this can have for your life. For a victim who is struck by another person who is not paying attention, the victim may have to cope with medical expenses, inability to return to work associated with the pain and medical conditions, and a variety of other individual expenses like pain and suffering.


However, a new study indicates that even with insurance, up to one-third of American motorists cannot afford to pay for vehicle repairs without taking on additional debt. A new study from AAA indicates that 64 million drivers across the United States would be unable to pay an average repair bill of $500 to $600.

Failing to keep up with your vehicle maintenance could put you in line for an unexpected repair bill or even increase your chances of a car breakdown and a serious accident. One way to decrease your chances of being injured in an accident is to make sure you keep on top of all car maintenance. While accidents can happen at any time, you should always take every step you can to make your ride safe.


Keeping on top of regular maintenance schedule and in particular taking action after your vehicle has been involved in an accident, could help to prevent further accidents. Ignoring vehicle repair and maintenance opportunities could decrease your chances or could increase your chances of having a vehicle breakdown on the road. When your vehicle breaks down on the road, particularly in heavy traffic across San Diego, you may unable to respond quickly enough and could find yourself seriously injured or in a multiple car pileup accident.
Approximately one-third of U.S. car owners skip or delay recommended car maintenance. Car owners may pay the price later on for putting off their vehicle maintenance as worn down parts and ignored repairs could increase their chances of a roadside breakdown. Following the maintenance schedule on the owner’s manual inside your car is strongly recommended to help keep your car in good shape for as long as possible and to keep your sudden repair costs to a minimum.