While new legislation is in the works to improve many U.S roadways the current recession and gas-price increases are putting a damper on the plan.  If the economy does not see resurgence, soon this could lead to more car accidents as the freeways and roads — that many Americans frequent on a daily basis — will be left untouched and eventually will become unsafe to drive on.

Our car accident lawyers believe that car crashes can be an emotionally traumatic incident in your life, especially if they cause personal injury — which will take a chunk of your wallet due to medical bills.  If the government foots the bill to fix these roads, then maybe it will save a lot of car drivers’ money.

The government said as much as $17 billion in additional federal money is needed to maintain roads and bridges over the next two years, underscoring the challenges policy makers face as driving habits change.

The recession and gas-price increases over the past two years have caused many consumers to drive less and switch to more fuel-efficient cars.  The result has been a fall in revenue from taxes on gasoline and vehicle purchases, which are used to fund state and local transportation projects.

The highway trust fund will need an injection of as much as $7 billion by September or states would not receive all the money they are counting on to finance construction projects later this year, the administration said.  In addition, the fund will need as much as $10 billion more, or roughly 25% of what it distributes to states each year for road work, in the 12 months after September, the administration said.

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