If a prescription drug company harms you, you hire an experienced personal injury attorney who specializes in pharmaceutical liability for dangerous drugs.  If a prescription drug company cheats the government, then the United States Justice Department steps in.

The Justice Department and 16 states have joined forces with two whistle blower lawsuits, claiming that Wyeth, one of the nation’s largest drug makers, illegally avoided paying hundreds of millions of dollars to Medicaid programs for its Protonix Oral and Protonix IV acid-reflux drugs.

Our firm’s San Diego personal injury attorneys know how hard it is for most Americans to get medical treatment.  When programs like Medicaid get stiffed like this, it makes getting those treatments even harder.

If you are someone who relies on Medicaid and you can’t get treatment because of a prior mistake, it can make your bad condition worse, permanent or in the worst case scenario: fatal.  To help make sense of some confusions, our personal injury lawyers have a helpful resource page that answers some questions about getting medical treatment.

Medicaid was established as part of the Social Security Act of 1965 to help those with illnesses and personal injury.  Medicaid was designed as a health insurance program for the poor by selling prescription drugs for the lowest price which lowered the medical bills for many since its inception.

In the Wyeth lawsuit, the complaint alleges that Wyeth sold Protonix to thousands of hospitals at deeply discounted prices, selling the package for at times a 94 percent discount.  While doing so, Wyeth failed to off the same discount to Medicaid, costing the valuable health care program hundreds of millions of dollars.  By law, manufactures of brand-name drugs must offer the same medical bill discounts to state Medicaid programs.

The states in the lawsuit are California, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New York, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin, in addition to the District of Columbia.

If you have been harmed by a prescription drug, our personal injury attorneys in San Diego recommend you seek legal counsel and find out what recourse you have.  Having to pay high medical bills for someone else’s mistake is not fair, and in this country, we champion the rights of the consumer.

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