Motorists have been paying attention to the advice of using seat belts while driving.  New car accident statistics show a record low wrongful death total in car accidents caused by drivers and passengers who do not wear their seat belts.

Our car accident attorneys urge drivers and passengers buckle up more while driving can only be seen as a positive.  We can only hope that number reaches 100 percent for all 50 states because wearing your seat belt should come first before you turn the key.  Wearing your seat belt is the first line of defense to prevent wrongful death car accident.

New state-by-state data shows Michigan has the highest seat belt use with 97.2% percent usage in 2008.  Massachusetts recorded the lowest seat belt use at 66.8 percent.  California registered with a 95.7 percent seat belt usage rate.  The higher seat belt use leads to fewer numbers of wrongful deaths from car crashes because it is a fact that seat belts can prevent wrongful death from car accidents.  Currently, only one state does not require seat belts to be worn to prevent wrongful death in a car accident.

Even though seat belt use should be 100 percent nationwide to prevent wrongful death from car accidents, there are states taking initiative.

Sixteen states reported seat belt use at 90 percent or better.  The survey showed jurisdictions with primary seat belt laws continue to have higher rates than the states without them.  As car accident attorneys, we are pleased states are taking aggressive steps to ensuring the safety of its drivers and passengers.

The Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimated that 37,313 people died from wrongful death due to a car crash in 2008.  That number was the lowest since 1961 when just over 36,000 people died.

That is a car accident statistic that car accident lawyers alike can live with. For now.

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