Texting while driving distracts drivers to a point where car accidents can occur because the screen of your phone is not what you should be most concerned with.

BTW, the next text message you send can lead to a new, heavy fine.  Congress is considering a new law would require states to outlaw the sending of text and e-mail messages in two years or lose 25 percent of their highway money each year until money is depleted.  The new law would be a deterrent for people not to text or e-mail while driving because distraction could lead to a car accident leading to injury or wrongful death.

Texting while driving has been discovered to be as likely to cause car accidents as drinking while driving.

As auto accident lawyers, we support any laws that are designed to reduce or eliminate the possibility for car accidents.  Cell phones are becoming more equipped with features like touch screens and e-mail, both of which make cell phones prime suspects to cause car accidents because drivers are paying attention to the wrong thing.

After all, what good is a cell phone if you get in to a car accident that results in a traumatic brain injury and brain damage?

Texting while driving has been found to be just as likely as anything to cause a car accident.  Research from the University of Utah, which used a driving simulator to study the ability of motorists to multitask, found that the risk of a car crash while texting is eight times more likely than normal.

Texting while driving is banned in 15 states including Alaska, California and New Jersey as well as the District of Columbia.  Regulations like these tend to happen at the state level, but the federal government is been putting more pressure on states.

Any use of your cell phone while driving is dangerous, but texting and e-mailing is as likely to cause a car accident as driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI).  As auto accident attorneys, we believe that texting while driving should be warned against in the same ways that we caution against drunk driving.

Friends never let friends text while driving.

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