In 2003, researchers at a federal agency proposed a long-term study of 10,000 drivers to assess the potential safety risk posed by distracted drivers who use their cellphone behind the wheel.  The study was based on evidence that distracted drivers are a serious and growing threat for car accidents on America’s roadways.

But such a study never happened.  And the researchers’ agency, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), decided not to make public hundreds of pages of research and warnings about the use of phones by drivers.

Distracted drivers are the top cause of car accidents currently in the U.S.

As car accident lawyers, we know that driver distractions are the leading cause of most auto accidents.  According to a separate study released by the NHTSA and the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI), 80% of car accidents and 65% of near-car crashes involve some form of driver distraction.  The highway safety researchers estimated that cellphone use by drivers caused around 955 wrongful deaths and 240,000 car accidents over all in 2002.

Research shows that motorists talking on a phone are four times as likely to crash as other drivers, and are as likely to cause a car accident as someone with a .08 blood alcohol content.

Our car accident attorneys know that cell phone use has become so popular these days amongst all drivers that many times we do not realize when, where and how often we are utilizing our cell phones.

No call or text message is worth the severe personal injuries that could lead to major medical treatments of you or a loved one that may result if you get into a car crash.  If you must answer your phone, it is safer to pull over to a safe location and park before using your cell phone.

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