Regular readers of our brain injury lawyer blog know that many former football players suffer from post-concussion syndrome and dementia from their sports-related brain injuries.  With more than three million young kids and one million high school students playing football, we need to be preventing concussions.

USA Football — the organization that runs youth football in the U.S. — is hoping that education will help them tackle this concussion problem.  In this case, football coaches must learn more about this mild traumatic brain injury.

The courses will educate over 50,000 youth coaches in all 50 states in recognizing concussions and steps to take if an athlete shows any concussion symptoms.

By the beginning of the 2010 season, the organization will have helped all players and coaches with new online courses and whole-day coaching schools.  USA Football’s concussion education chapter consists of an 11-minute video that have former National Football League running back Merril Hoge and a doctor, the medical director of the Spine Center at Harborview Medical Center in Washington.

“Youth football participation today is higher than it has ever been and USA Football’s coaching courses make the sport better and safer,” the doctor said. “Player health — particularly on matters of concussion — is rightfully commanding attention in every youth sport.”

Our brain injury lawyers in San Diego want to make sure that no matter how violent a sport can be, there are certain steps coaches and players can take to keep from suffering concussions, which is becoming a larger concern for football players and their families no matter what age they are.

Education is the first and best method of prevention of recognizing a concussion.  Without that knowledge, how will it be diagnosed and treated?

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