With the economy the way it is, the used car is a popular choice for consumers because used cars are more affordable than their brand new counterparts.  But make sure everything gets checked out before you sign on the dotted line or you could pay dearly in an auto accident.

An airbag is a vital safety feature for drivers that get into car accidents that can prevent traumatic brain injuries caused by a car’s windshield.  But did you know some used cars come without that important feature checked out before they are sold?  Did you also know that there are airbags being sold on the black market that could cause a wrongful death?

Avoiding personal injury or wrongful death is a top priority when buying a used car and our products liability attorneys wish to advise consumers that every aspect of the car should be checked out thoroughly before you buy the car, especially the airbag.

When you buy a used car, make sure the airbag is operational.  The airbag indicator light in the dashboard should glow briefly when the car starts.  If the light never comes on or keeps glowing, the airbag probably is not working.

There are steps you can take before buying to make sure you are not being left without an airbag.  Auto resource Web sites like  Carfax have links that allow car consumers to enter a VIN number and find out if airbag fraud is possible.

If you do decide to purchase the vehicle and simply replace the airbag, make sure you take it to a trusted auto mechanic to ensure proper reconstruction for your safety and the safety of your passengers in the event of an automobile accident.

Saving a few hundred dollars now pales in comparison to paying a few thousand dollars for an injury or having to find help to medical bills later after anautomobile accident.

Our product liability attorneys emphasize the need to be careful with your purchase before you get into an accident that could cause harm to drivers or passengers.  The airbag is one of the main ways to avoid serious injury and even death in a bad car crash.

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