Talking or texting on a cell phone while driving could soon become a dangerous habit of the past. 

Using a cell phone while driving a car is a major cause of car accidents every year for several reasons (e.g. loss of control due to hands away from the steering wheel and lack of attention on the road).  Researchers at the University of Utah have created an car accident prevention ignition key for cars that prevents the car driver from talking on a cell phone or sending text messages while driving.

Our car accident attorneys strongly support the further development of this product because it may prevent hundreds of wrongful deaths every year, and add to the safety of everyone on the road, which is our primary concern.  Think about how many people do not have to experience the pain and suffering from an accident that was caused by a distracted driver.

So how does this ignition key prevent cell phone use in cars?  A device encloses the car key and connects wirelessly with the car driver’s cell

Wally Curry and his amazing smart key.

phone through Bluetooth or RFID technologies. When the key is removed or released from the device, a signal is sent to the driver’s cell phone, placing it in “drive” mode and preventing any calls or texts other than to preapproved numbers such as 911. 

Incoming calls and messages are answered with an automated message stating that the user is driving and will reply later. When the key is removed from the ignition and placed back in the device, the cell phone is signaled to return to normal.

The research was prompted by a University of Utah medical student who was appalled when he witnessed a teenage girl texting on her cell phone while driving, which nearly ended in a gruesome car accident.  Wally Curry, now an urologist practicing in Kansas, collaborated with University of Utah assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering Xuesong Zhou to create the technology.

Patented and licensed as the Key2SafeDriving System, this technology should be available sometime in 2009 at a per-key rate of not more than $50 plus a low monthly fee.  The company licensing the technology from the University of Utah plans to license the device to cell phone service providers to include in their service plans. 

Our car accident attorneys believe that despite the extra costs, this Key2SafeDriving system is worth it and is just as valuable as having a comprehensive auto insurance policy covering you and your family while on the road.

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