No matter which make or model you drive, when a vehicle recall is issued, you are also affected.

As personal injury attorneys, we hope that everyone makes the right decision to repair a recall as quickly as possible. But the truth is that not everyone does. Some owners let recalls go on for years before doing something – if anything – about it. Worse, some vehicle recalls are left unfixed and end in tragic accidents or wrongful death.

In a recent article at Bangor Daily News (3/15/2015), drivers are reminded that everyone is affected by vehicle recalls. If you don’t fix it, you put other people at risk. Unfortunately, that’s the cold, hard truth. And incredibly, nearly a quarter of all vehicles on the road have outstanding recalls that are in dire need of repair.

The good news is that vehicle recalls can be easily fixed – really. And perhaps you’re not aware of any recalls for your vehicle – that, too, can be easily fixed. Here’s what you can do to stay in the know and keep yourself safe as well as the thousands of drivers that use San Diego roadways every day.


It may sound like a hassle to spend a precious Saturday fixing a recall. All the wait, all the hassle. But honestly, it really doesn’t have to be painful AND it is actually free to repair recalls. It can take less than an hour with the right preplanning.


A little preplanning can go a long way when it comes to fixing a recall. First, give your dealership a call and make an appointment for a service checkup. The dealership will check for any outstanding recalls in addition to your existing recall concern. Then, they’ll repair your vehicle free of charge. You can even use a loaner car to run errands or simply go home while the work is being done.


If you’re buying a used car, it may be difficult to find the service history of the vehicle or whether it had ever been checked for recalls. You can always bring your vehicle into a dealership to research its recall history (we recommend making an appointment –see above). You can also use any of the vehicle history research tools online to check for its repair history.


It takes one minute. What do you have to lose? Register your vehicle for recall alerts at and find out which recall repairs your vehicle may still need. Customize your alerts to as few as just one per month; you won’t be hassled by multiple emails. For your safety and the safety of others, please register.


In some cases, recalls can cause car accidents. Take for example the recent GM ignition recall and the Takata airbag recall. According to multiple reports, these recalls have led to injury car accidents and even some wrongful deaths. It is imperative that we take what we know about recalls and make them a priority to fix – before it’s too late.

Give us a call today if you suspect a vehicle recall is the cause of your injury accident. As San Diego’s experts in car accident injury, we can help you file a legal claim against the responsible party. You may be entitled to financial compensation including recourse for lost wages, pain and suffering and future loss. Speak to a car accident lawyer today. It doesn’t cost a penny to hire us as your attorneys and we only collect when we win your case. Call now: 1-858-551-2090.