A method to keep drivers from running red lights is the instillation of cameras inside of traffic lights.  The camera automatically takes pictures of cars that run red lights and forwards the picture to police.

The Ventura County, California Grand Jury, however, slammed the city of Ventura on Monday for using short yellow lights to trap speeding motorists at an intersection where a red light camera snaps $1.5 million worth of tickets each year.

Red light cameras can aid in slowing drivers down preventing car accidents.

As car accident lawyers, we know that speeding is one of the greatest contributors to auto accidents, so we urge all drivers to obey safe driving practices when behind the wheel.  This means driving at the designated speed limit and obeying all stop signs and traffic lights.  If a loved one or you are involved in a car accident you may endure any number of personal injuries ranging from whiplash, spinal cord injuries and even wrongful death.

The grand jury found that the cross-streets California and Thompson in Ventura  just happened to have the shortest yellow time of any intersection in the city, although the three seconds given to drivers meets the absolute minimum allowed by state and federal law.

If this light is the shortest yellow light in the county, then car drivers will be more apt to either speed up to make the light or slam on their breaks in order to avoid getting ticketed.  Speeding is one of the top causes of car accidents and this light has the potential to make drivers speed up as to avoid running a red light.  Furthermore if drivers slam on their brakes in order to avoid getting caught in the red light this can result in rear-end car accidents.

“California Street has three traffic signal-controlled intersections,” the report stated.  “The grand jury observed that the yellow light interval at the north and south approaches to California and Thompson had the shortest duration, one full second shorter than other yellow light intervals at intersections on the same street having the same posted speed limit.”

Is making a light really that important to drivers?  Is it not worth it to wait for the next green light when you will be more likely to get through safely?

As automobile accident lawyers, we urge all drivers to obey safe driving practices when behind the wheel.  This means driving at safe speeds and obeying stop signs, traffic lights, and having the best car insurance policy available for your automobile.

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