Car crash burn injuries are a serious problem linked to vehicle accidents, and crashes that result in any type of fire can lead to smoke inhalation and direct burn injuries for victims. Research shows that approximately 16,000 people suffer from car crash burn injuries every single year, and nearly 300 of those victims sustain injuries so severe that they may ultimately succumb to death. Approximately 75% of people involved in accidents that were related to fire, suffered second or third-degree burns on more than 90% of their bodies.

This can represent a significant departure for the victim’s life after the fact and may require advanced surgical techniques like skin grafting to recover. While approximately everyone has suffered a first-degree burn at some point in their life. Dealing with redness, dry skin, and pain, most will only ever experience either a first or second-degree burn. The damage linked to car crash burn injury victims, however, is often much more extensive, covering significant portions of the body.

If a burn injury is not treated immediately, it can get infected and leave minimal opportunities for the patient’s recovery.

First degree burns are rare in these situations. Rather the most common burn injuries are at the second and third-degree level, and fourth-degree burns may also be possible, leading to damage to the muscles, skin, tendons or bones. Unfortunately, fourth-degree burn injuries are so severe that it is very rare for a victim to survive. Since burn injuries may cover big portions of the body and are often severe, car crash burn injury victims will need to be admitted to a hospital for treatment.

A multi-disciplinary treatment team may also be required, including rehabilitation specialists, therapists and doctors. Skin grafts and other types of reconstructive surgery may be recommended as part of the treatment plan for those who are seriously injured. If you think that you have suffered a burn injury, schedule a consultation with a San Diego personal injury lawyer today.