Many people who have been hurt in a vehicle accident in San Diego recognize the role of accident reconstruction. This is often carried out by experts and personal injury attorneys in order to figure out how an accident occurred. As bicycle accidents are becoming an increasingly common form of personal injury claim, bicycle accident reconstruction has surged in recent years. There are numerous different factors that can influence the reconstruction of bicycle accidents.

On the whole, they are more difficult to reconstruct than car crashes. Some of the most common bike accident scenarios and evidence that can be used in an investigation can be pulled from accident reconstruction. There are many different ways that a bicycle can fall over without a collision occurring including pitch over accidents, high side accident, and low side accidents.

However, car versus bicycle evidence is extremely common in cases in which the cyclist is critically injured and needs to file a personal injury claim against the driver. Car versus bicycle evidence may include injuries, rest position, tire marks and bike crush.

Since bicycle-related injuries are treated differently than injuries sustained in a car accident, the injuries associated with bicycle accidents can typically only determine accident directionality. Car crash injuries in and of themselves can be used to reconstruct an accident.

The legal strategy in these types of cases involving bicycle accident reconstruction usually begins with sending out a notice to preserve the evidence followed by written discovery, an investigation of the accident and ensuring that the evidence is appropriately retained. If you have recently been hurt in a bicycle accident, it is imperative that you find someone you can count on to support your interests in the form of an attorney.