As the Baby Boom Generation reaching their late middle ages now, there has been increasing concern regarding senior auto drivers.  However, let us not forget that most senior citizen motor vehicle drivers have a significant experience in driving in all kinds of weather, whether it is rain, snow or sleet.

Unfortunately, and we do not want the statistics below to be exaggerated and misinterpreted, according to the NHTSA, from 1996 to 2006, the number of drivers over the age of 65 increased 18 percent, and the percentage is only going to increase in the next decade as the baby boomer generation becomes seniors.  In 2005, drivers over the age of 65 were responsible for 14 percent of all auto accident fatalities and 17 percent of all pedestrian accident fatalities (NHTSA). 

The two most common causes of accidents involving people over the age of 65 were due to failure to yield the right of way to oncoming traffic and wide left turns (NHTSA).   Without going into any detail, there is no comparison with teenage drunk-driving (DUI) car accident statistics. Our car accident lawyers, the most important part of our job is educating the public, bringing people together, sharing information, and doing everything possible to prevent DUI accidents and all other kinds from happening.

Currently, an insurance company, with the help of UCLA researchers have been testing a new video game developed by Posit Science that claims to make better drivers out of older Americans.  The game, “InSight” uses specific brain-challenging exercises to improve the mental sharpness of older minds, including better reaction time, reduced chance of fatigue, and improved visual alertness, all in an effort to reduce the number of auto accidents caused by older drivers.  The makers of the game claim that the software will be able to “reduce dangerous driving maneuvers by up to 40 percent” (Posit Science).

This software is being tested in Pennsylvania on drivers aged 50-75 years old.  If successful, there are plans to offer discounts and other incentives to older drivers who are able to pass the game.  An example of the types of brain-challenges included in the game is a challenge in which players must identify only red-colored gems among a number of different colored gems within a certain time limit.  Posit Science claims that this particular challenge is designed to improve concentration and reaction speed, especially in older drivers.

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