According to the Mayo Clinic, automobile accidents are one of the primary causes of spine injuries every single year. In fact, the clinic estimates that these make up more than 40% of spinal injuries annually. Although a car accident cannot always be prevented, understanding how spine injuries can impact your life and your health can help you recognize an injury quickly so that you can get medical treatment as soon as possible.

An Auto Accident Can Cause Irreparable Harm for Your Spine

The spine is not structured in order to withstand car accident impacts. Unfortunately, back and neck injuries are all too common during car accidents because the sudden thrust forward, backward or sideways can impact the muscles and ligaments in the back, putting the primary force on your facet joints. This can lead to multiple different kinds of injuries including disc herniation, compression fractures, and whiplash.

If you are not sure if your back or neck pain is a muscle strain or a more serious injury, it is strongly recommended that you consult with your medical professional as soon as possible. Identifying a spine injury immediately after a car accident can help put you on a path to recovery by identifying the treatments most appropriate for you. Unfortunately, individuals who sustain spine injuries may suffer for weeks, months or even years after a critical accident caused by another driver’s negligence.