Much like all other states, California has specific laws that put time limits in place regarding your right to go to court and bringing a lawsuit against a negligent party. These laws are referred to as statutes of limitations and there are different rules depending on the kinds of case. The timelines associated with filing a lawsuit for a car accident in California include:

  • Three years for filing lawsuits associated with property damage to your vehicle under California Code of Civil Procedure 338.
  • Two years for personal injury lawsuits under California Code of Civil Procedure 335.1.

These time limits are not associated with filing an insurance claim and rather represent your time limits for filing a lawsuit , so speak to a lawyer as soon as possible. Getting this filed long before these deadlines prevents you from having your lawsuit expire [00:00:49] negotiations break down, you want to have plenty of time to initiate the legal process of going to court  to protect your rights.

Bringing a lawsuit may be your best option to recover damages after a San Diego car crash. If you wait too long, though, you may never be able to recover anything. There’s no harm in speaking with an attorney to determine whether or not you have a case. It might be the best way to help you figure out your options.