As with any other serious head injury that can occur after a vehicle accident, concussions can have significant and life lasting effects on an individual’s ability to perform daily activities. This is true even long after the initial symptoms of a concussion have disappeared. The University of Georgia’s College of Education is now looking to initiate a research project that helps to identify the long-term impact of concussions as well. Their early findings suggest that when an individual gets behind the wheel of a car too soon after they have already suffered a concussion, that individual is at risk of suffering in a significant car accident again. 14 college-age participants were included in the study.

Each of those individuals had sustained concussions and were within 48 hours of no longer suffering the direct symptoms associated with that injury. The researchers used participants in a driving simulator to determine their ability to operate a vehicle in a controlled environment. The research project managers determined that a broad range of problematic driving behavior was present for those victims who had suffered concussions. Some of that involved more minor issues such as driving erratically but others indicated behaviors that would have been similar to when a person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Earlier concussion research has focused primarily on how athletes suffer concussions and the long-term impacts on their ability to train and recover.

Have you already sustained a concussion after a major accident? You might discover that this impacts your life in many different ways, from mild pain and memory issues all the way up to more advanced concerns.

Although concussions are generally classified as a less serious form of a traumatic brain injury, they can make it very difficult for individuals to carry out simple tasks. Most concussions are caused by sports injuries, falls and car accidents. If you have been a victim of a concussion caused by another person’s negligence on the road, you may be entitled to recover compensation after consulting with an experienced lawyer.