Despite the fact that technology has increased significantly over the past couple of decades, auto accidents in California are still relatively common. Many of these accidents leave victims with devastating injuries as well as property damage. In the event that someone’s negligence has contributed to the accident injuries sustained by a victim, this can be the basis of a California personal injury claim.

Sadly, far too many of these accidents are preventable, but it is the injured individual who ends up paying the price. This can come in the form of weeks, months, or years of pain in addition to missed days at work and costly medical bills. In the worst situations, the injured victim may never be able to work again.

There are many different factors that can contribute to auto accidents in California but some of the most common causes include:

  • Poor road conditions: If a state or local government should be responsible for maintaining roadway conditions at all times, failing to address issues like missing guardrails, sudden changes in elevation or potholes can cause drivers to lose control of their car and ultimately crash.
  • Distracted driving: Any driver who is changing radio station, having conversations with others in the car, talking on a cellphone, texting on a cellphone or reading emails on a cellphone is much less likely to be paying full attention to the road. Even losing focus momentarily can lead to devastating car collisions.
  • Manufacturer errors: Although car manufacturers are held to relatively high standards for each vehicle they make, parts can and do fail. When these parts fail on the road, it is the driver and passengers who may end up severely injured as a result of these defects.

Being smart on the road is one of the most effective strategies for decreasing your accident risk. Never engage in distracted driving behavior and always follow posted road laws as well as generally accepted customs. Many people do not realize the consequences of their actions behind the wheel until it’s too late, but you can minimize your accident risk significantly by taking safety seriously.