As the busy summer driving season approaches, a national survey conducted by the Canadian Automobile Association shows that almost half of all Canadians feel less safe driving their cars now than they did 10 years ago.

Even though advances in car accident prevention technology through the years have improved safety measures in cars, approximately 45% of the car drivers surveyed said they feel more prone to car accidents than they did a decade ago.  Only 11% said they feel safer from the dangers of automobile accidents.

Our car accident lawyers believe that no matter what the true factor or combination of factors is, this survey proves that something is wrong with the way drivers drive today.  So we – as car accident attorneys and fellow car drivers — need to make a collaborative effort to improve the safety on today’s roads.

The survey did not explicitly examine the reasons for those perceptions, but CAA spokeswoman Leanne Maidment said distracted driving, which causes a majority of car accidents, appears to be a major factor.

Need proof?

Last week, an Ontario man was issued a $411 ticket after a police officer pulled him over for driving at approximately 88 mph.  The car driver admitted that he was watching a DVD as he drove with three other passengers.  Amazingly enough, Police said that the man genuinely felt there was nothing illegal about watching a movie while driving a car.

The CAA recommends drivers minimize these types of car accidents caused driver distractions by driving defensively while on the road at all times.  Our personal injury law firm could not agree more.  The CAA suggests drivers familiarize themselves with their routes, budget extra time to get to their destinations, and allow extra distance between cars to prevent imminent car accidents.

Speaking from our experience as car accident lawyers, we also believe that another factor has gone unmentioned by the Canadian Automobile Association.  It has to do with a term car accident attorneys refer to as moral hazard.  A moral hazard in this situation would be if, by thinking that car technology has improved, car accident prevention will automatically decrease damage resulting in more reckless driving car accidents.

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