Going through a car accident in San Diego is hard enough on its own, but finding out that you’re going to have hassles with the insurance adjuster adds a whole new layer of complication to your life. There is a good chance that your property damage claim is handled by someone other than the person handling your bodily injury claim. Your bodily injury claim will likely be far more complex because it takes time to assess the true injuries you have sustained in an accident.

The insurance adjuster looking at property damage will assign a value for your vehicle once he or she has completed an investigation of the vehicle and accident. The company will then compare the damage done to your vehicle with the value of the vehicle before the accident. This puts you in the challenging position of what to do if the company refuses to replace your vehicle.

Trying to handle problems with an insurance adjuster post-accident can be frustrating. While you technically can argue with them if they refuse to replace your vehicle, simply trying to fight it does not guarantee success. One of the best things you can do is use your attorney to help you, since he or she probably has more experience dealing with the insurance companies post-accident. This can be a good way of figuring out early on if there’s even a point to arguing with the adjuster’s assessment. Your attorney may tell you that it’s simply not worth your time and that you should instead focus on your bodily injury claim.

Being involved in an accident is always a bad experience, but it’s particularly challenging when you have sustained injuries as well as property damage. Your life can change in an instant after a car accident in San Diego, and how you respond to the situation can have a significant impact on your chances of getting your car replaced and receiving compensation for your injuries.