If you have recently come to terms of a settlement with the help of your experienced personal injury attorney, you may be expecting the check to arrive any day. Although your condition and the financial implications of your condition are likely well understood by you, this does not mean that your settlement check may arrive immediately. This is because you cannot count on other parties to prioritize your needs. Read on to learn more about what to do in this situation.

There are several common reasons for delay in this situation, and they include:

-A claims adjuster taking some time off for an illness or for a vacation and not having passed on your materials to a supervisor.

-Your claim not being processed due to an unexpected delay, like severe weather, in the payment department in another location.

-The supervisor signing the document has been out of the office, so no settlement check has been sent.

-There’s a technical problem or concern with your settlement agreement being resolved inside the company prior to sending you the document.

Hiring the right San Diego personal injury lawyer can help you if you find yourself in this situation regarding your settlement check. Your lawyer can help navigate the insurance company’s process in order to identify when the delay is reasonable as well as when you should push for further results. Without a lawyer, you may not understand the insurance company’s operations and this could also lead to unnecessary delays.