If you have recently been injured in a serious accident, you may be curious to learn there are numerous terms thrown around with regard to your medical care. One of the most common terms used by physicians while treating you is that of maximum medical improvement. This term means that you have reached the maximum level of healing that you will be able to accomplish.

At this stage, your doctors believe that you will not get any better although you may decline or your health condition may stay about the same. Maximum medical improvement is important for a personal injury claim in California because it is usually the stage at which most individuals file their claim. This is because not all of their pain may have been eradicated and they may still be dealing with the after-effects of the accident that caused these injuries in the first place.

When your doctor feels that you have achieved maximum medical improvement, he or she may recommend other treatments to help you cope with the day to day challenges or the pain you experience but it is not expected that your condition will improve any further than it already has. Maximum medical improvement is certainly a term that you should share with your California personal injury attorney if you have hired one.

Getting copies of your medical records is the best way to demonstrate the course of treatments that you have undergone. It is important for you to develop a record of how often you have been to the doctor and the various treatment methods you have undertaken in the effort to improve your condition. Unfortunately, many individuals injured in car accidents in California will be dealing with the ramifications of this accident for years to come. Although you may be able to recover fully with some injuries, others like head, neck or back trauma may continue to cause you pain and prevent you from being able to hold down a job or enjoy activities for the rest of your life.