Once a lawsuit has been filed in a car accident injury case, the discovery process is started immediately. Both sides of the case use this process to get different information from the other side and from witnesses about the details of the case. The discovery process is the first part of your car accident case where settlement options may become available. For example, after the other side has reviewed the information associated with your claim, they may decide that it is in their best interest to pursue settlement negotiations.

Frequently, discovery helps to reveal all the critical issues in the accident and opens the door for settlement negotiations because the other side realizes the extensive costs associated with defending this claim in the California courts. When you are working with an experienced car accident attorney who understands the value of trying to settle outside of court, you may be able to reach a reasonable settlement sooner rather than later.

Have more questions about the discovery process and what you can do to prepare? Hiring the right San Diego car accident attorney at the outset of your case is strongly recommended to protect your interests and ensure you know what to expect in court. Many cases may even settle during the discovery process, but you can help yourself during this challenging time by finding the right lawyer to work with you.