Snow, rain, and ice are rarely on the mind of a teen driver as they jump behind the wheel of their car to speed off to a teenage car crash that could have been prevented if they had just taken the preventative measures to drive more carefully.

Being car accident attorneys, we believe that when you put inexperienced teen drivers together with hazardous road conditions from bad weather, usually a severe auto accident will occur, causing personal injury or even turning fatal in the worst case scenarios.

When you add bad weather conditions, such as snow and rain into the mix, the risk is higher of a teenage car crash happening.  If you are worried about your teen driver who is out on the road during bad weather, here are some tips you can remind them of before they leave:

1.  Using lights in fog, rain, and snow

2.  Using the defogger or defroster if windows become clouded

3.  Reducing speed, especially when approaching an intersection

4.  Turning slower than normal to avoid a tail spin

5.  Standing water can cause hydroplaning

6.  “Black Ice” is frozen water that blends into the color of the road

As car accident attorneys, we believe that when bad weather hits the road, teen drivers become even more at risk for getting into a teenage car crash.  Tell your teen drivers that they should beware of hazards that come with bad weather.  And like any good car owner, make sure they have the best car insurance policy available so they can make it home right as rain.

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