Youth—a time for growing and learning in a young person’s life, a time when they discover who they really are in the world, and also an age where a person is more likely to get into a teenage car accident.

Our car accident attorneys know from experience that teenage auto accidents happen more than other accidents because teen drivers have less experience on the road and often overestimate their abilities on the streets.  When they do cause car accidents, the severity of the personal injuries is usually pretty grave.

If you do get hurt in an accident with a teen driver, it is likely that you will need help paying the medical bills that are associated with your injuries, that is, if it does not turn into a fatal auto accident.  According to the USAA Educational Foundation, one of the best ways to help avoid teenage auto accidents is for parents to instruct their teen drivers to be observant about the road and the automobile.

Before even starting the car, instruct your teen driver to take note of the following:

1.  Mirrors and line of sight

2.  Steering wheel and seat adjustment

3.  Safety belts use

4.  Location of the car

Once your teen driver has started the car and has begun driving, they can help to prevent a teenage auto accident by doing the following:

1.  Using signals when turning or changing lanes

2.  Checking mirrors and blind spots routinely

3.  Scanning for hazards up ahead of traffic

4.  Watching the space between their car and the one in front, as well as the one behind

Being car accident attorneys, we believe that every parent has an obligation to make sure that their teen drivers are safe on the road and know what to do to stop teenage auto accidents before they ever happen.  Some times the best car insurance policy out there is a good education in how to be safe!

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