So your sixteen year old comes home from the Department of Motor Vehicles, eyes shining bright, with a glistening smile to match it, because they just got their driver’s license—but even though they possess the skills to drive a car on the road, how will they drive their own car safely to avoid car accidents?

Our firm’s car accident attorneys know that teenage car accident statistics are typically high because teen drivers do not have the experience or as many skills necessary to avoid a car accident as other veteran drivers.  When these accidents happen, will you have the best car insurance policy on your side, that being education?

If you are a parent who is worried about what your teen driver might do while they are behind the wheel without you there to guide them, demonstrate ways to feel comfortable in their own car before they ever leave the driveway.

Explain that every car is different and to avoid auto accidents, they should be in-tune to their own car and aware of the following at all times:

1.  Blind spots

2.  Turning ability and speed

3.  Engine accelerations

4.  Size, especially in regards to merging, backing up, and parking

5.  Braking ability, especially for antilock braking systems (do not pump the brake, but hold down on it—if you feel a pulsating sensation, the brake is working)

Our car accident attorneys believe parents should teach their teen drivers everything they need to know about staying safe and stopping teenage automobile accidents before they even happen.

Kids might not drive just like their parents, but hopefully both generations of motorists will use similar techniques for staying safe and avoid being the cause of personal injuries on the road.

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